For those who want the best


Super boost moves your profile to the very first position on the website below diamond ads. This helps you to get most of the views and engagement on the site.

How it works?

Normally VIP profiles are re-arranged randomly for each website visitor. This helps everyone to get the same amount of views for their profile. With SUPER BOOST, you can beat your competition and move yourself to the very top of the site as 1st one. (That is until someone else uses super boost) Each super BOOST is active for 2 hours.

How to get it?

In order to use super boost you must have an active VIP profile. IF you do, buy the SUPER BOOST credits on your user dashboard. Each BOOST is active for 2 hours and displays your profile at the top of the website and category as 1st one or 2nd, 3rd etc. depending if someone has boosted after you.

Why use it?

Do you need an extra push of visibility for a few hours? Want to beat your competition? Want to maximize your visibility and engagement? Then SUPER BOOST is for you.

How much is costs?

If you have an active VIP profile just buy the SUPER boost credits. You can buy 3, 5 or 20 BOOSTs. Each SUPER BOOST is active for 2 hours. Super boost is a cheaper option for those who don’t want to buy a diamond profile.


For those who want the best


6 credits


20 credits


60 credits